How to choose the right poker coach

Every day, coaching in online poker is gaining momentum. There are more and more people who want to study and hire trainers.

And, of course, there are more and Permainan ION CASINO Terlengkap people who are ready to provide this knowledge and sell for the nth amount. How to choose the best coach, and whether it is worth focusing on his successes – we will talk in this article.

Demand creates supply

Online poker is developing every day. This industry is becoming more popular and attracting a considerable number of new people to its ranks. Hence the captain’s conclusion: “More players – More students – More coaches.”

Some poker players choose the path of self-study using accessible poker books and videos, as well as discussions with their colleagues. However, another part of those who want to move on and develop in poker is starting to think about the help from the coach.

Houston, we have a problem

And here then begins the painful search for “the very one” who will chew and put everything in his mouth. Many players and they are right in principle, expect to gain knowledge in training with a coach that will raise their poker game to a higher level. However, most unscrupulous trainers feed trash in the form of delicious candy with a beautiful wrapper. Or, if you like, in the way of gilded metal, which, in essence, is worth a penny.

We study poker software

Guru-trainers will tell you how to use such cool poker programs at your limits as Flopzilla or Cardrunners EV. They will learn to balance their poker game (even they don’t know how to balance it and why to do it), give out random ranges, use scary words like “TRP” or say: “You need to check-raise the turn more often – now it’s fashionable to play”, or even better: “let’s let me teach you how to do pushy overt on the river, because it’s a cool topic.”


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